Enhancing White Papers with Ancient Secrets

enhance_coverJust finished, a white paper about white papers. Mystifying but time-tested and still relevant ancient secrets of true readability can be yours with the right guide.  Download or read this free report here.

The format of most white papers (and other B2B documents) today simply reproduces obsolete computer screens from the 80s and 90s. Not good. The impact of their content falls short. It tarnishes the brilliant work of writers; it steals the efficiency and comprehensibility of your product or service message.

An entire generation of writers and designers grew up squinting at low-resolution screens. They continue making compromises in selection of typefaces and layout based on those days of flicker and poorly formed characters.

The advanced displays of current computers, tablets, and smartphones – sharp and clear – let us again return to those secrets of readability (revealed in this paper) developed and polished again and again over 5,000 years. The need to compromise is now kaput.

Practically every book, newspaper, and magazine you pick up uses these time-tested concepts – they’ll boost the performance and professionalism of white papers also.

It’s all about readability, most often defined as “what makes some texts easier to read than others.” We expand that meaning to include legibility (typeface and layout). Continue reading Enhancing White Papers with Ancient Secrets

Superb Copywriting and Content Creation Services

Long or short, you want the write done sparkling right!

Thousands of editors and other clients over the decades have shown me how, sometimes with large sticks. It worked.

We give you what you want, even when you have trouble saying what it is. Fresh, exciting, rewarding copy — copy you can take home to mama for dinner without shame and she’ll give you an order.

What do we do? All sorts of content generation:

  • Copy: long, short, in the middle — vivid words getting results! Ads, sales letters, Internet — ask and you shall receive timely, enthusiastic, passionate copy.
  • Publishing: books (we’ve published approximately 1,000 and personally scribed over 100), articles (written 1,000s), ebooks, web — whatever you need.
  • Ghosting: Want to write but no time to do it? We get it done for you!
  • Video: scripts to full productions of documentaries, ads, YouTube, social media, etc. campaigns — hundreds of hours experience. We can do it all or whatever part you need.

Continue reading Superb Copywriting and Content Creation Services

Happy Birthday, Encyclopædia Britannica!

CopyRalph enjoys a passion for collecting knowledge. A lifetime spent learning pays off in his writing.

Dec. 6, 1768 – The first edition of the Encyclopædia Britannica is publishedand I have it, all three volumes! (me with the 1st volume below)… well, okay, what I own is the 1968 facsimile edition (a copy of the 1st released on its 200th anniversary). Still rare and worth hundreds of dollars. … I am an avid  Encyclopædia Britannica collector and have quite a few sets in my office — everything from the first American edition in the 1870s (9th), several 11ths (considered the best), and various other sets. …. Happy Birthday, EB … you’ve meant a lot to me over the years.

On the Wings of Words

Ralph Roberts at the 2006 World Science Fiction Convention in Anaheim, CA.
Ralph Roberts signing autographs at the 2006 World Science Fiction Convention in Anaheim, CA.

by Ralph Roberts

Like those magic flying carpets of old, selling words creates its own magic. We’re wafted along to unexpected meetings and faraway places. Do they know I’d do this for free?



My favorite writer story involves not me but witnessing the true graciousness of famed horror writer Stephen King. We were both guests at a science fiction convention in Knoxville in 1984. Continue reading On the Wings of Words

Expansion Beyond the Kitchen Table

CopyRalph is more than just some guy pounding away on a laptop at his kitchen table. Nothing wrong with that and I actually do it sometimes myself, it’s just that we have been selling words for over 35 years and have been reasonably successful. Our sister companies include a book publisher (Alexander Books) and video production companies (1VIDeo Productions and Land of the Sky Films). We have over 6,000 square feet of office space, and lots of equipment including our own servers on the Internet. Contact me (click here) with your copy needs. We exist to make you look good.

Below is me being artistic shooting reflections in the door of one of our server racks. I do things like that. … This website is on one of those servers.

Keeping Up With Copywriting

copy_ralph_delrayBack from four days of an intensive copywriting seminar in Delray Beach, Florida. We learned from some of the most successful copywriters in our profession … from 7 in the morning to 9 at night!

Lots of free coffee, no sweat. I made it, alert and scribbling notes at the speed of light.

Presented by AWAI (American Writers and Artists, Inc.), one of the most trusted sources of information for independent writers in the direct response industry worldwide, they called it a “Boot Camp.” Certainly the number of hours we spent at it each day fitted the name.

Now the last Boot Camp before that one I attended involved lots of pushups, learning some nifty new words from big drill sergeants, and crawling through mud under barbed wire and heavy machine gun fire. I won’t say last week’s experience was easier but I enjoyed it a lot more. The techniques learned benefit my clients a lot more, and the new words learned can actually be used in polite company.

So please remember, we keep our skills up to date for you. I’ll do anything in making sure my professional competence is up to the task of making you look good. I’ll give you great copy, tailored to your needs. If necessary, I’ll crawl through mud under barbed wire and heavy machine gun fire. That’s extra, though.

Need problems solved? Call me, 1-800-472-0438 or email ralph@copyralph.com.


20 Million Words? Really?

ralph_jacketSo, what does a writer who’s sold over 20 million words look like? Well… the best he can.

Luckily, looks matter little, beautiful words count a lot!

Ralph’s made a good living writing and publishing (he still does lots of both) for the past 35 years.

20 million words? That’s a very conservative estimate. Over 100 books, 1000s of articles and short stories, tons of news releases, ad copy, catalogs, sales letters, video scripts, you name it—make up his professional output over the years.

Yes, you aren’t paying for looks (thank goodness) but for results. Ralph brings a wide range of creative competency to your project.

He’s pretty much done it all from writing to production. He’s been paid well to turn technical gobbledygook into plain English, something he has a special talent for (“If I knew how I do it, I probably couldn’t,” he says).

For a touch of his word magic, contact Ralph about your copy needs.



CopyRalph Mobile Access

copy_ralph_mobileFor the convenience of our treasured clients, this site is available on your phone, pad, or other mobile device. One of my recent books, Google App Inventor, was about creating apps and the illustration to the left shows the beginning of the free CopyRalph app. One of the many things we do to enhance your experience with us.