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  1. Hi Ralph, I was reviewing your comments from attending the last bootcamp. I visited your website, and it’s very nice. I know that you have years of previous experience writing content. What do you think was your greatest benefit from attending the bootcamp session? Did you actually learn new things from the presentations, stepped your writing ability to a higher level. I read the comments, I believe by Yan about joining the Circle of Success. The cost for attending is quite a bit of money. Did you join the Circle of Success? It sometimes feel that we are constantly paying for one program after another to be successful. I don’t want to sound negative, but the cost does continue to rise. I bought the Accelerated Writing course, Barefoot Writer’s, and I now purchased the Bootcamp 2014. I will have to pay for lodging and airfare from Phoenix, rental car, and I am also attending a marketing course with Bob Bly next weekend in NYC, and again, the same, course, airfare and hotel for 3 nights. I am a newbie, still only halfway through the Accelerated course. But, I really want to succeed as a writer. I haven’t written or published anything yet. I am working on trying to publish some local city and state articles to start building a portfolio. Ralph, are you planning on returning to the next bootcamp, to network with more people? I would appreciate to hear from you as you already had a lot of experience before you attended the bootcamp. I know some people go every year. Well, I look forward to hearing from you Ralph. Regards… Jimmy

    1. Hi Jimmy … yes I have a lot of experience and have done some copywriting even over the years but I definitely learned from Bootcamp. And also the courses I’ve taken from AWAI. … No, have not joined the Circle of Success yet. I believe it is more of a motivational thing and I’m pretty motivated as it is. 😉 … Bob Bly is great, really respect him. Keep up the good work and my best wishes for a successful career! –Ralph

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