20 Million Words? Really?

ralph_jacketSo, what does a writer who’s sold over 20 million words look like? Well… the best he can.

Luckily, looks matter little, beautiful words count a lot!

Ralph’s made a good living writing and publishing (he still does lots of both) for the past 35 years.

20 million words? That’s a very conservative estimate. Over 100 books, 1000s of articles and short stories, tons of news releases, ad copy, catalogs, sales letters, video scripts, you name it—make up his professional output over the years.

Yes, you aren’t paying for looks (thank goodness) but for results. Ralph brings a wide range of creative competency to your project.

He’s pretty much done it all from writing to production. He’s been paid well to turn technical gobbledygook into plain English, something he has a special talent for (“If I knew how I do it, I probably couldn’t,” he says).

For a touch of his word magic, contact Ralph about your copy needs.



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