Superb Copywriting and Content Creation Services

Long or short, you want the write done sparkling right!

Thousands of editors and other clients over the decades have shown me how, sometimes with large sticks. It worked.

We give you what you want, even when you have trouble saying what it is. Fresh, exciting, rewarding copy — copy you can take home to mama for dinner without shame and she’ll give you an order.

What do we do? All sorts of content generation:

  • Copy: long, short, in the middle — vivid words getting results! Ads, sales letters, Internet — ask and you shall receive timely, enthusiastic, passionate copy.
  • Publishing: books (we’ve published approximately 1,000 and personally scribed over 100), articles (written 1,000s), ebooks, web — whatever you need.
  • Ghosting: Want to write but no time to do it? We get it done for you!
  • Video: scripts to full productions of documentaries, ads, YouTube, social media, etc. campaigns — hundreds of hours experience. We can do it all or whatever part you need.

If it involves words, call or email or use the form below.  Superb is more than just a motto, it’s a way of writing.

2 thoughts on “Superb Copywriting and Content Creation Services

  1. Great Website Ralph! Well done. Clever, and informative. You really let your reader know the passion you have for the written word.

    PS: It was nice to meet you at Boot Camp. I hope you are enjoying it.

    1. Thanks, Dan … enjoyed meeting you at the AWAI Boot Camp in Delray Beach FL. Some really intensive classes in copywriting! Got a lot out of it and hope you did as well.

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