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Ralph Roberts grew up in the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina, falling in love with electronics and becoming a ham radio enthusiast (still is today). He’s a decorated Vietnam veteran, studied electrical engineering, worked for NASA during the Apollo program, and did product engineering for aerospace companies.

In the mid-70s – when personal computers came only as kits in boxes – he built his first one. By 1978, Ralph was writing about and on computers, one of the pioneers in word processing. He still does today.

In 1978 Ralph formed the company that became Creativity, Inc. and still serves as CEO. As a national book publisher, the company has released approximately 1,000 titles in the last 35 years and continues publishing.

Ralph’s experience includes:



  • Ralph has sold over 20 million words professionally
  • … and more than 100 books to national publishers
  • … along with thousands of articles and short stories
  • He wrote various white papers and other documents while a consultant and then Acting Marketing director for a high tech company owned by Daimler-Benz.
  • … and hundreds of business-to-business (B2B) documents of all types for companies large and small.



  • Ralph has personally designed the layout and typeset hundreds of books – both for his own company and for other national publishers.
  • He spent several years publishing weekly and monthly tabloid newspapers
  • He excels in setting up publications of all lengths for the best look in online distribution and/or print.
  • He’s expert in and owns the very latest page layout systems, including the entire Adobe Creative Cloud and various versions of more specialized software such as TeX (excellent for typesetting equations and otherwise hard to depict symbols).
  • His passion for learning and understanding the why of typesetting modes – ancient and the very latest advances – results in readable and legible documents.


Graphics Design

  • Ralph has designed hundreds of book covers, sales sheets, catalogs, business cards, you name it.
  • He’s at home in Photoshop, having used it continuously since version 1.0 in 1988.
  • Being a writer, editor, and publisher gives him great insight in the best placement of illustrations to enhance content.



  • Ralph has overseen (and served as publisher) for hundreds of titles under the various imprints of Creativity, Inc. – including Alexander Books, WorldComm®, Farthest Star Science Fiction, and Land of the Sky Books.
  • He has decades of experience in supervising multi-thousand-dollar projects and bringing them in.
  • He has printed books with most major book manufacturers in the United States and Canada, and done a recent job in China.
  • He has published books in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and the Kingdom of Tonga. And sold foreign rights on other titles to various countries.


Television and Video

  • Ralph’s produced hundreds of hours of local television.
  • His production companies — 1VIDeo Productions LLC and Land of the Sky Films – have produced over 100 documentaries, sold as DVDs on and from other online vendors.
  • He wrote the scripts for the above.
  • He’s also sold a handful of scripts to Hollywood producers.
  • Ralph has a complete studio, cameras, lights, sound equipment, and all the latest video editing software.


It’s no accident that CopyRalph’s parent company is Creativity, Inc. Ralph combines technical understanding with passionate creativity, resulting in 36 years of success as a professional writer, publisher, editor, and producer. That’s an intangible which livens up business documents and makes them stronger.


What CopyRalph Does

CopyRalph specializes as a one-stop solution for B2B documents. White papers, case studies, entire books, or any other content we can do for you — all, or any portion, from concept to writing to design to publication and printing.

Call or email Ralph today. — or 828-676-9835 or use the contact form below.


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  1. Great Website Ralph! Well done. Clever, and informative. You really let your reader know the passion you have for the written word.

    PS: It was nice to meet you at Boot Camp. I hope you are enjoying it.

    1. Thanks, Dan … enjoyed meeting you at the AWAI Boot Camp in Delray Beach FL. Some really intensive classes in copywriting! Got a lot out of it and hope you did as well.

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